A Quick Introduction

RGB Enterprises, LLC is a company comprised of local residents that have lived in “Way South Austin” for ~15 years.  We are ordinary folks giving it our all to develop neighborhood projects we can walk and bike to while making the community friendly and inviting.  We want to encourage residents to stay south and help “Way South Austin” develop its own identity.  Hopefully, we can buck the status quo of downtown and become a predominantly tight nit small business owned community.

Our Current Project

Our current project is a full service neighborhood restaurant on the corner of Manchaca Road and Old Manchaca Road.  The concept is to create a family friendly neighborhood restaurant that is inviting, comfortable, and encourages patrons to stick around and socialize.  So, even with the success of a few select businesses, we feel Way South Austin is still in need of diversity and entertainment alternatives to going down town.  


So if you drive by the corner of Manchaca and Old Manchaca Road and see a guy or group of guys cutting the grass, trimming trees, or etc. that is me Henry – the owner and founder of RGB.  Feel free to come by and say hello or honk as you drive by. 


We are looking for an Equity Partner to participate in our current development of our full service restaurant and bar (tavern) in South Austin. Please be serious when contacting us and understand the considerable time, effort, and resources that are required to develop a property. 

If You would like more information, please use our Contact page or read more about the topic on our Participate page.

**Great News Follks (Feb 20, 2019) - We have an Approved Site Plan (I.e. RED STAMPS)!!  For those of you who do not know how big a deal this is.....it is big.  We are talking over 15 months of planning with the civil engineer and three rounds of comments with the city so we can start moving dirt.  Ask any developer and they will tell you this is a big milestone in the City of Austin.

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Location: 10701 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748 (No Mail Accepted)